Community leader: Leading by example

Find out how this retailers makes a difference in his community.


Accessibility is a priority for Greg McCune, owner of Sutherland’s Bakery. Elected mayor of Enderby, BC in November, McCune is always available at his site to chat with customers about what they’re seeing in the community.

Here are just a few examples of how McCune puts his leadership role to good use in Enderby:

Making valuable contributions.

“As city councillor, and now as mayor, you get to see where there are needs in the community. This allows me to work with groups like the local food banks and the Enderby and District Community Resource Centre to help them with their needs.”

Promoting community programs.

“Crime Stoppers is about to launch a program, and I can put up some flyers for them to create awareness. We’re a fairly busy store, so it’s great if we can help.”

Advertising local fundraisers.

“Our local snowmobile club is having a New Year’s Eve dance, so I’ll buy tickets and we’ll raffle them off throughout the month of December. The fire department does a Valentine’s Day dance, so I do the same thing for them. It helps those local groups.”

Lending a helping hand.

“They know they can just come to the store and if they have an important enough problem, we just grab a coffee and sit and talk it through, and see how we can help.”



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