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Consumers remain cautious of self-serve beverages

Technomic research shows Canadians are willing to sacrifice convenience for safety.

Operators have had to adjust their self-serve beverage offerings over the past year due to safety and sanitation concerns.

Currently, consumers prefer that employees control lid and straw distribution as opposed to having them at a self-serve or shared station. This reflects how many consumers are willing to sacrifice convenience for safety as vaccines continue to rollout.

Consumers don’t feel comfortable with lids and straws sitting out as other customers could accidentally touch them while grabbing their own lid or straw.

High-touch areas will likely remain a concern to consumers as we emerge from the pandemic. Offering canned or bottled beverages can provide variety and highlight safe alternatives.

Additionally, emphasizing cleanliness procedures around beverage stations will be critical going forward to maintain customer trust and loyalty.

Base: 1,214 consumers who have purchased a beverage from foodservice in the past month Source: Technomic Ignite consumer data featuring the Technomic Canadian 2020 Beverage Consumer Trend Report
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