The Convenience U CARWACS Show 2024 Speaker Spotlight: Daniel Tsai

Learn how to drive change in your convenience and gas business in this interactive session with business professor and c-gas operator, Daniel Tsai.
Daniel Tsai CNUE 2024

With registration for The Convenience U CARWACS Show 2024 in full swing, our team has been busy curating content for another exciting and insightful C-Store IQ Conference. Returning this March, the Conference will once again be running both mornings, with the trade show floor opening at noon. 

We are excited to announce the return of Daniel Tsai as a Day 1 - Tuesday March 5 - speaker at the 2024 show. In addition to owning a busy c-gas operation in British Columbia, Tsai is a lawyer, business executive, educator, author  and columnist, and retail and marketing expert. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge from his diverse professional background as an award-winning teacher, a former General Counsel for a publicly traded healthcare company, as a columnist for large national and international news and media outlets, a senior police advisor in the Canadian Government, etc. 

Daniel Tsai has used his experience and unique insights to create this can’t miss session at this year’s show.

Driving change: Key strategies to increase fuel volumes, cultivate brand loyalty and build your competitive advantage will delve into how in just three years Tsai turned a struggling c-gas operation into a community destination with fuel sales expected to triple in 2024

Whether you want to increase your sales or turn around a fledgling convenience and gas business, Tsai can help. 

In this  interactive session, Tsai will share proven strategies to answer the audience’s business-specific questions. We invite you to submit your question ahead of time through the portal below (no one can see your question) or send an email

The C-store IQ Conference at The Convenience U CARWACS Show will take place the mornings of March 5 & 6 - before the Trade Show Floor opens at 12 p.m.

Conference space is limited!

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