Crafty Ramen 'Heat and Eat'

Introducing seven new flavours.
Crafty Ramen in a bowl

Crafty Ramen, the Guelph, Ont.-based ramen shop founded by husband and wife team Jared and Miki Ferrall, is expanding its 'Heat and Eat' range with seven new flavours: Tokyo Salaryman in Chicken, Pork and Tofu, The Gryphon, Vegan Mapo Tofu, Big City Smoke and a special Kid's Ramen. 

The new offerings cater to a range of diverse taste preferences, while staying true to the company's mission of providing restaurant-quality ramen conveniently prepared at home in seven minutes. The 'Heat and Eat' products now come in 10 flavours and are available at select retailers, including Aisle 24 and Rabba Fine Foods. 

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