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Delivery boon delivers profits for Routific



Routific, the route planning and delivery management platform for small businesses, is reporting growth of 2.4X in 2020, driven by changing consumer habits amid the pandemic.

The Vancouver-based company's software is used globally to empower small businesses—the lifeblood of local economies—to deliver more goods with fewer vehicles in less time, helping them stay afloat as big box stores increasingly consume market share. The platform has seen growth across a number of SMB home delivery businesses, including those that deliver food, from groceries to farm organics, and beverages ranging from fresh pressed juices to craft beer.

In recent months, retailers, including c-stores, have been forced to adapt to delivery models as millions of households shifted to buying online, a trend experts expect to continue even after the pandemic has ended. Online grocery is set to double its market share by 2025, and post-pandemic e-grocery sales are expected to climb from $35 billion to more than $250 billion, according to a recent study.

“Now more than ever our customers need to run as optimally and efficiently as possible,” said Suzanne Ma, co-founder of Routific. “Routific helps businesses save up to 40% on operating costs, while simultaneously achieving environmental impacts by way of reduced emissions and fewer cars on the road. We’re grateful for the opportunity to assist local businesses as they work to not only survive, but thrive amid the pandemic.”

Adding to its momentum, Routific partnered with DoorDash in 2020 for a flagship social impact program, Project DASH, which uses the DoorDash Drive logistics platform to tackle challenges like hunger and food waste. Project DASH was powering 600 deliveries a week and turned to Routific to scale to more than 10,000 weekly deliveries when the pandemic hit.

DoorDash works with convenience stores across the country to deliver essential goods to households.


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