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EcoTank Canada marks official launch with 7-Eleven debut

EcoTank North America debuted at 7-Eleven Orangeville

EcoTank is making headlines with a profile in the Orangeville Banner marking its debut at the 7-Eleven location in Orangeville, Ont. 

The company offers a more convenient, ecologically friendly way for busy drivers to fill up on windshield washer fluid while they are also fuelling up at the pumps. 

Jordon Francis and Robbie Mair teamed up with EcoTank Europe to bring the concept here last year, launching EcoTank North America, which is based in Orangeville. 

Orangeville’s 7-Eleven is one of the gas stations debuting the EcoTank system as part of the company's launch here in Canada. The tanks are installed at the pumps, with a point of sale option on the tank. The founders told the Banner that their goal is to have that payment system integrated with the pump, like a car wash option.  

The product is a win-win for customers and operators, says Francis: “It's better for the environment, the gas station owner to make a better margin on a fluid per litre and then the customer gets a better user experience and on a transactional basis, and it's cheaper."

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