Finding good people is hard. Keeping them is harder: George Anastasopoulos, Leadership Fundamentals

Find out how to navigate labour challenges at The Convenience U CARWACS Show opening conference on September 13.

The Convenience U CARWACS Show is back live and in-person on September 13-14 at the Toronto Congress Centre.

You're invited to attend the opening conference, hosted by George Anastasopoulos - Leadership Fundamentals.

Here's a sneak peak at what you'll hear!

I Love Mondays: “Finding good people is hard. Keeping them is harder.” Problems faced by all managers are exacerbated in your retail world where labour challenges persist. Money (what you pay per hour, and number of hours you offer) is a challenge, but it’s not the solution. YOU are the solution. When your people say “I love working here and I love working with you!” you’ll experience increased employee engagement, improved retention, better productivity and performance. Plus, your operation’s reputation as a place people love to work will attract better talent. Find out how you can help create a workplace where people live, work and play extraordinarily well together so that everyone wins big.

Space is limited for the Day 1 opening education conference.

Register today and be sure to select the CONVENIENCE EDUCATION PACKAGE, which includes breakfast, seminars, lunch for one day, and trade show floor admission on both days. Early bird pricing before September 1!


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