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Going green

10 easy actions for sustainable c-stores.
You can do it

1. Replace incandescent light bulbs with energy-saving options like CLF and LED lighting.

2. Reduce paper by digitizing operations, such as inventory management, as well as employee handbooks.

3. Say no to plastic bags by offering customers paper or encouraging them to BYOB: Better yet, create a revenue source by selling reusable bags!

4. Switch out single-use plastics, like straws, cups and utensils, for eco-friendly alternatives.

5. Reduce energy waste by investing in energy-efficient equipment: Old refrigerators are energy hogs and can account for up to 40% of energy costs at a convenience store!

6. Help customers do the right thing by installing recycling bins outside your store.

7. Install water efficient taps and faucets in restrooms and kitchen areas.

8. Adjust your thermostat when possible: a few degrees can make a difference.

9. Source and stock more sustainable products and brands.

10.  Communicate with and engage customers by highlighting your sustainability efforts through in-house signage and on social media.


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