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Health Canada recalls more hand sanitizer products


Health Canada continues to add new products to its growing list of recalled hand sanitizers, included a product is has deemed counterfeit.

Hand sanitizer is an important category for c-stores and the ideal last-minute purchase at check-out.

Most recently, Health Canada warned a counterfeit version of the authorized Daily Shield hand sanitizer had been found for sale at a Dollarama store in Thunder Bay.

The product may not be effective at killing bacteria and viruses, and may pose serious risks to health.

It also says the product is suspected to contain methanol, which is not authorized for use in hand sanitizers and could cause severe adverse reactions or death when ingested.

The counterfeit version is labelled with NPN 80098979, Lot 6942; Expiry May 2023 and is sold in a 250 mL format.

The agency also recently pulled two Sanix products for containing methanol: Prairie Potions' Purify Hand Sanitizer and Antibacterial Spray.

Last Best Brewing and Distilling Hand Sanitizer and Rocky Mountain Soap Company's Nomad Hand Sanitizer (Lemongrass) are both being recalled for missing risk statements, in additions to containing unauthorized technical-grade ethanol.

Since June, Health Canada has recalled more than 100 hand sanitizer products, often for containing unauthorized ingredients or improper labelling. For the latest recalls, visit the Health Canada website.

To find out if the hand sanitizer you're selling is safe, CLICK HERE to search by brand name. 

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