Here's what to do if an employee gets COVID-19



The Retail Council of Canada has published a standard operating procedure checklist to help retailers take action should there be an identified COVID-19 case at your location.

A c-stores and gas stations play an essential role in helping Canadians access the products and services they need, the safety of frontline employees and customers is essential.

The RCC notes that these steps are "intended to provide general guidelines on managing an incident of an identified case of COVID-19 for a colleague or customer at your location. This document should be used in conjunction with any guidance that may have been provided by your provincial Ministry of Health and/or Regulatory body."

  1. Remain Calm

  2. Provide the individual with a surgical mask (if available)

  3. Recommend the individual to return home to call their PHU or offer the individual the designated quarantine room for privacy and comfort while he/she contacts PHU if they choose to stay.

  4. Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water

  5. Notify your Store Manager/Designate

  6. Store Manager/Designate contacts the Public Health Unit (PHU) and follows their guidance

  7. Store Manager/Designate contacts for any further direction:  Occupational Health Nurse - District Manager - Human Resources Business Partner - FoodSafety

  8. Determine the areas of the operation in which the colleague/employee worked and/or had presence (i.e. department, offices, lunchrooms, etc.)

  9. If during operating hours, temporarily restrict access to the areas/departments in which the colleague/employee worked and/or was present in order to complete a deep clean of high touch areas

  10. With the assistance of Operations/Food Safety/Medical Team assess the specific implications of contact with different product types such as Meat /Seafood, Deli/HMR, Bakery and Produce as well as possible grocery to provide direction on product handling or possible disposal if appropriate

  11. For colleagues, print the individual’s schedule for the last week to ensure you know areas that need to be sanitized, in accordance with Sanitization Checklist/SOP, and confirm completion

  12. Conduct appropriate internal notification of impacted team members, in accordance with privacy guidelines

  13. Using the Sanitization Checklist and other established deep cleaning protocols identified in existing dept. deep cleaning SOP, deploy protocols within the work area(s) of the colleague/employee and other areas such as the lunchroom. This will include sanitizing all surfaces, department equipment (i.e. deli slicer), and work tools & equipment (i.e. Hand Helds)

  14. Communicate to all store colleagues/employees that a complete deep clean has occurred and that recommendations of our Food Safety team have been followed in doing all that is reasonable for the safety of our colleagues/employees and customers

  15. Comply with other recommendations that may be made by the Public Health Unit

  16. All public disclosure is to be done in accordance with the Public Health Unit advisement

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