How do you find the right answers?

Find out where 82% of retailers turn for advice.


When it comes to making decisions about their businesses, independent retailers like to rely on help from the partners that know them best: their full-service distributors.

According to our latest survey results, 82% of retailers seek out their FSD reps for advice, while 28% look to their manufacturer reps for information.

Retailers are also heavily relying on resources like YCM and CN magazines, and for guidance.

Why are FSDs playing such a critical role for c-gas independents?

Retailers, especially those located outside cities, don’t get to spend a lot of time with their supplier sales reps. As a result, FSDs act as a link between retailers and their manufacturers, providing retailers with consistent access to innovation, deals, and promotions.

From which of the following do you receive advice? 

  • Full-service distributors and their sales reps/distributors: 82%

  • Your Convenience Manager (YCM)/Convenience News (CN): 40%

  • The Convenience U CARWACS Trade Show: 32%

  • Manufacturers: 28%

  • 23%

  • Retail head office: 23%

  • Other: 3%


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