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ICS Auto Sentry® Petro

Secure your future with the Auto Sentry® Petro...


Secure your future with the Auto Sentry® Petro.  The Petro is a robust cashless terminal with Chip-N-Pin technology housing the most up-to-date PCI requirements that will last you well into the future.

The Petro accepts credit or gift card purchases made at the terminal as well as wash codes from purchases made at the gas pump or inside the c-store. All ICS entry systems are armed with Validated Point-to-Point Encryption, shifting liability to the processor and away from your wash. With the Chip-N-Pin hardware working in tandem with a Validated Point-to-Point Encryption solution, you can rest knowing your car wash is certified, safe, and secure.

Both you and your customers will benefit from the ongoing proactive approach that our dedicated ICS team takes to prevent fraud with continual research in PCI products and development.


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