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Imperial redesigns Synergy Supreme gasoline

New fuel is meant to keep engines three times cleaner.
esso gas station

Imperial is launching its redesigned Synergy Supreme premium gasoline at more than 1,900 Esso gas stations across Canada.

Formulated to keep engines three times cleaner, the company said in a release that Esso’s Synergy Supreme now has an advanced additive package that provides enhanced engine protection,

“At Imperial, we’re excited about the launch of Esso’s new Synergy Supreme premium fuel as it will help Canadian’s get more KMs per tank while helping keep engines cleaner,” Jon Wetmore, VP, downstream at Imperial, said in a statement. “Our vehicles have always been there for us, whether it’s driving to work, taking a summer road trip or driving our kids to hockey practice, and we’re proud to align the Esso brand with such an advanced premium product. We hope our partners and customers enjoy the campaign, and I look forward to hearing how Canadians respect their ride.”  


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