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The inside scoop on Imperial Oil's redesigned Synergy Supreme

Benefits include an advanced additive package that provides enhanced engine protection.
esso gas station
Synergy Supreme is available at more than 1,900 Esso stations. Photo: Shutterstock

Imperial Oil has announced the launch of its redesigned Synergy Supreme premium gasoline at more than 1,900 Esso gas stations across Canada.

Formulated to keep engines three times cleaner, Esso’s Synergy Supreme now has an advanced additive package that provides enhanced engine protection.

“At Imperial, we’re excited about the launch of Esso’s new Synergy Supreme premium fuel as it will help Canadian’s get more KMs per tank while helping keep engines cleaner,” says Jon Wetmore, VP, downstream at Imperial.

Esso Synergy gasoline utilizes seven key ingredients engineered to help improve fuel economy.

  1. Solvent Fluid #1 – enables the additive ingredients to stay mixed and to flow, and not freeze at very cold temperatures.
  2. Solvent Fluid #2 – enables the detergent to be delivered in the most compact form, resulting in a more efficiently sized package.
  3. Anti-Adhesion Compound – helps prevent fuel detergents from forming a sticky film on the intake valves; which in turn helps prevent cold start problems at cold temperatures.
  4. Corrosion Inhibitor – helps prevent rust in the fuel distribution system and/or key engine parts with which the fuel comes into contact.
  5. Demulsifier – helps keep water from getting entrained in the additive in the distribution system. This demulsifier helps prevent the accumulation of water in gas tanks by allowing it to be separated and removed.
  6. Fuel Detergent – helps protect intake valve deposits in traditional PFI (Port Fuel Injector) injection engines. Cleaner engine parts can lead to better-improved fuel economy.
  7. Marker Molecules – ensures  the correct amount of additive is added to gasoline.

Supreme Synergy gasoline offers 91% octane and is the highest level of octane offered nationally by Imperial. SUPREME+ Synergy Gasoline delivers an additional boost with 93% octane and more cleaning agents and is available only in the GTA. Both of these grades now contain more cleaning agents and have a new friction modifier.

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