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Juul Labs Canada opens retail store in Alberta


Today JUUL Labs Canada opened a retail store in Edmonton – the company’s first store in Alberta.

In a statement, the company said: "This 18+ store is a place to connect directly with adult smokers – to understand their switching journey and help them find products that can help them switch away from cigarettes. All visitors will be subject to strict age verification before entry."

This is Juul's second brick-and-mortar location in Canada. It debuted the concept in Toronto (19+ only) in July, along with Juul C1. The company’s connected device includes features that allow users to monitor their nicotine usage, provide access restrictions to prevent unauthorized use and find their device if it is lost.

“This store in Edmonton is our second location in Canada, and we’re committed to providing environments for adult smokers to better understand how vaping products, like JUUL, can help them switch from cigarettes, the leading cause of preventable death worldwide,” Michael Nederhoff, general manager, Juul Labs Canada, said in a release. “Staff at the JUUL store can work with current adult smokers to find what works best for them – selecting devices, flavours, and nicotine strengths that best meet their switching choice.”

While there is much furore in the United States, with moves to ban flavours, flavours are still legal in Canada. At one time, Health Canada stated: "Flavours help make vaping liquids palatable to adult smokers seeking a less harmful alternative to tobacco. Therefore, the use of flavours in vaping liquids is not prohibited under the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act."

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