Kerry identifies 7 global taste trends

Cover of 2021 Kerry Taste Trends Report with food images

Kerry's Global Taste Trends is an annual review of the most impactful macro taste trends influencing food and beverages across the world.

The Global Taste Trends report maps out the key taste linked to trends across the U.S. and Canada, Mexico, Latin America, Europe and the Asia Pacific Middle East and Africa region, highlighting how they vary and travel across these regions.

This year, the top 7 trends impacting taste include:

  1. Nostalgia
  2. Seasonality
  3. Enticing eats
  4. Taste exploration
  5. Novel flavours
  6. Acceptable sweetness
  7. Healthy halo


“In the past year, we have seen trends shift and accelerate due to the COVID-19 pandemic," explains Leigh-Anne Vaughan, global strategic marketing director of taste. "A taste for nostalgia has emerged, with consumers gravitating towards comforting and familiar food and beverages such as cotton candy and cookie dough. Seasonal tastes also offer comfort, with consumers expecting limited time offers during seasons or holidays."

At the same time, research shows consumers are looking for excitement and are drawn towards enticing and visually impactful food and beverages to disrupt the monotony of day-to-day life, adds Vaughan. "They are exploring the world through their taste buds to seek adventure, with authentic yet accessible cuisine choices on the rise. Meanwhile, health conscious consumers are also demanding products with less sugar and with healthy halo ingredients.

map of the world explaining how basil is influencing product development

The report also explores how companies have adapted their products to capitalize on emerging taste trends, such as plant-based ice cream, tempura nuggets and cold brew tea. 

Moving forward, it companies can think about incorporating comforting and nostalgic flavours in desserts, adding botanical extracts with perceived health benefits to beverages or including internationally-inspired flavours to salty snacks.

In Europe, consumers are seeking wasabi and sriracha, while in the U.S. they are exploring flavours such as Irish cream and Korean BBQ. Meanwhile, consumers craving nostalgia in Mexico will reach for Al Pastor and tamarind, while in the Asia Pacific region flavours such as lychee and green mango provide comfort.

In terms of taste exploration, for instance, the report highlights how Canadian staple poutine has seen increased influence from international cuisines, such as Indian curry poutine and Korean kimchi poutine, which makes the dish adventurous but approachable for consumers. 

The report also showcases a number of bespoke concepts to inspire innovation for great products, such as plant-based ice cream, tempura nuggets and cold brew tea.

Click here to download the full report and find out how each taste trend manifests around the globe and the new flavours your shoppers are craving.

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