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Kit Kat & NFL: 9 things to know about the promotion

Take a break with Kit Kat and the NFL!


1. The promotion starts this fall. The Kit Kat and NFL promotion runs from October 21 – February 2, so be sure to set aside prime in-store real estate for this prepack to build customer anticipation.

2. It’s the perfect match. Everyone knows Kit Kat is all about taking a break, and this year, fans will be encouraged to take a break with Kit Kat during the most awesome break of all: NFL Halftime. You can join the campaign and encourage your customers to enjoy Halftime with Kit Kat Chunky.

3. The Super Bowl happens February 1, 2015. Ensure the prepack is in your store well before Super Bowl XLIX to build excitement and align Kit Kat with this major sporting event.

4. The NFL is the ultimate social experience brand. The NFL has created a strong sense of belonging between fans and their teams, and connects them socially and emotionally. This means your customers will be looking for NFL-related products and displays when they enter your store.

5. 71% of Canadians follow the NFL. The NFL will be top of mind for many of your customers; the target age group is 16-54 and the male to female ratio is 61:39.

6. The contest prizing will motivate your customers. Kit Kat is sending two grand prize winners to Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara, CA in 2016.

7. It’s easy to enter. Consumers can buy any one of 85 participating Nestlé confectionery products, and submit the UPC at to enter.

8. Consumers can enter more than once. Customers can enter up to five different UPCs per day at during the contest period.

9. Kit Kat sells well at the front cash. Kit Kat four-finger has been the number one single bar since 1999*, so keeping it on the front counter, where 85% of your customers will visit**, is a smart choice to help keep Kit Kat top of mind.



*Nielsen MarketTrack, National C&G, YTD, PE Oct 19, 2013

** Nestlé Canadian Research C-Store 2013

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