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Mark VII launches new products at The Car Wash Show

SoftLine2 brings Linear Technology, developed by WashTec, to North America for the first time.


Las Vegas, Nevada – April 4, 2017 – Mark VII Equipment Inc., the North America subsidiary of WashTec AG of Germany, the world's largest manufacturer of vehicle cleaning systems, today introduced its new SoftLine2 tunnel and ShineTecs Tri-Foam products at the International Carwash Association’s annual trade show.
SoftLine2 brings Linear Technology, developed by WashTec, to North America for the first time. Linear Technology moves the brushes with the vehicle as it’s pulled by the conveyor, allowing extended brush contact time on the hard-to-clean front and rear of the vehicle.  Linear Technology is also combined with contour-following high pressure and a contour-following dryer to give the same extra attention to the front and back of the car during the pre-wash and drying phases.  The result is unprecedented cleaning quality, while also reducing dryer energy costs by about 40% compared to conventional tunnel dryers.

ShineTecs Tri-Foam brings new technology to one of the most popular up-sell options found on retail carwash menus.  Other triple foam chemicals on the market are topically applied and rinsed off for “show” without having any impact on turning out a clean, dry and shiny car.  In contrast, ShineTecs Tri-Foam is applied through any standard rollover or tunnel triple foam system, but its shine polymers penetrate the paint and are buffed in by the soft foam brushes to create a hand wax quality shine, creating happy customers when they immediately notice the difference.

“We’re excited to debut these new products to the industry,” said Chris Andersen, CEO of Mark VII.  “SoftLine2 brings a completely new approach to cleaning to the North America tunnel market segment, giving operators clear differentiation from their competition based on cleaning quality.  And ShineTecs Tri-Foam changes a common up-sell feature from being all show and no substance to being an extra service that truly impacts vehicle shine.”

Both new products are on display this week in Mark VII’s booth number 210 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. For more information visit or call 800-525-8248.

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