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National Carwash Solutions joins forces with CSI


National Carwash Solutions (NCS) has announced a strategic partnership with Cleaning Systems, Inc. (CSI). Together the two companies will create a formidable team with CSI adding firepower to NCS's arsenal of bundled products and services in the form of premium, nationally recognized cleaning fluids brands, to meet all of a customer's car wash needs. 

Screen Shot 2020-10-05 at 8.51.38 PMCSI, based in De Pere, Wisconsin, works with a variety of customers in commercial and industrial operations that require high-quality detergents and cleaning fluids, including car wash operators. Since opening 1976 CSI has been adding value by utilizing a customer-driven approach, providing technology-driven chemistry and application systems solutions to those in need of vehicle cleaning and protection, with the paramount objective being clean, shiny vehicles and satisfied consumers.

National Car Wash Solutions was founded in 1973 and has since earned a leadership role in the car wash industry with more than 850 employees throughout North America.  NCS brands include, MacNeil, Ryko, and TSSin addition to Vacutech, and CleanTouch. NCS has also partnered with a wide range of frontline car wash distributors in North America. These distributors include Hi-Performance Wash Systems, Auto-Clean, Arizona Car Wash Systems, Complete Car Wash, NuLook, Badger Land, and Carwash Solutions. National Carwash Solutions’ partnerships have solidified the company’s dominant market position in profitable solutions, offering the US’ only direct service network to meet the business needs of car wash operators across the country.

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Speaking about the partnership, NCS CEO Michael Gillen said, "CSI and its family of brands, led by Lustra, is an absolutely perfect fit with our brand portfolio. We're thrilled to partner with such an innovative company that serves many vehicle care channels, including car wash operators."

According to Dave Krause, CEO of Cleaning Systems, Inc., National Carwash Solutions was the clear choice as their strategic partner in terms of continuing their vision of being the industry leader in satisfying customer needs for clean and shiny vehicles. “Only NCS has the brands, the proactive strategy, and the market leadership that will drive our business to even higher levels. I am thrilled to watch the company I began so many years ago join the NCS family."

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