New payment options help Hamilton wash in the battle for market differentiation

New payment options helps Hamilton wash in the battle for market differentiation


Red Hill Car Wash in Hamilton, ON has now added mobile payment to their list of payment options.  The wash site is using Tech1st Wash Systems to provide custom mobile payment solutions for car washes, and has provided a powerful tool for their business.  The new payment system has been integrated with all their self-serve wash bays, vacuums, and vending machines.

The Tech1st mobile payment system runs parallel to Red Hill Car Wash’s existing methods of accepting coins and credit cards with their EXACTA system.

“The addition of Tech1st has allowed us to leverage technology to create relationships with our customers,” says owner JJ Woodley. “It’s easy to setup, schedule, and run promotions with the new system which provides rewards to our customers for using our facility.  We’ve had excellent response on our Facebook page posting about these rewards, that in turn has promoted the mobile system to new users who are hungry to use their phones for everything.  It’s a very effective positive marketing feedback loop.”

redhill-car-wash-app-signs-PROOF2 1

In fact, tech savvy users see the Red Hill Car Wash brand every time they view the app on their smartphone screen.  Scheduled notifications pop up on users’ devices that advertise current promotions.

“We customize how the system rewards our customers on a real-time basis.  Tech1st mobile payment system is a powerful new tool for our business in an industry where differentiation and relationships with customers are traditionally difficult and/or time consuming to create.”

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