OCSA: Summer initiatives and updates

The OCSA has launched a new summer initiative to promote responsible drinking and driving habits in Ontario.


Responsible drinking campaign

The OCSA has launched a new summer initiative to promote responsible drinking and driving habits in Ontario.

Gateway Newsstands will be running the poster campaign (pictured here)  in over 80 TTC locations, and Hasty Markets will be installing a 1'x2' foot poster on their back walls for the summer.

Every OCSA member is eligible to participate in this program to demonstrate responsibility in each community and send out the message to customers everywhere.

Beer and Wine: Record-setting petition 

On April 23, 2014, Dave Bryans, OCSA CEO and Tom Moher, OCSA chair and VP operations, central Canada for Macs Convenience, presented a petition with 403,412-signatures. These Ontarians are asking for an expanded alcohol retailing system that includes convenience stores.

Best mystery shop results ever! 

Congratulations responsible retailers! The latest independent mystery shop program conducted by Mango18 in Ontario for the OCSA turned up some very positive results.

The shoppers recorded the type of age verification and signage programs OCSA Members were using: the We Expect ID program versus the government ‘Not to Kids’. C-stores passed: Not selling tobacco to minors: 94.6%.

79.2% of all c-stores visited had ‘We Expect ID’ signage versus 29.2% that had ‘Not to Kids’ signage.

These results are outstanding. Thanks and congratulations to all members and their staff.

Provincial election triggered

The Ontario government was unable to get the budget approved, which means an election will take place on June 12, 2014. Although the budget has been defeated, it doesn’t mean retailers should ignore the tobacco tax increase.

The OCSA believes all three parties or the future government of Ontario will endorse and maintain the announced increase. It’s recommended that retailers proceed with the increase (effective May 2, 2014) and where expected, submit the inventory requested by the Ministry of Finance.

Putting a STOP to contraband

Contraband tobacco is a major problem in many Ontario communities. In a proactive approach to bring awareness to the issue, and to remind Torontonians that illegal cigarettes are illegal for a reason, Toronto Crime Stoppers has developed an awareness campaign. The campaign reminds Torontonians how they can help address the problem by simply calling the anonymous tip line at 1-800-222-8477.

OCSA Golf Tournament!

Thursday, July 24, 2014 marks the annual OCSA Golf Tournament. It’s being held at Blue Springs in Acton, ON.

For more information, contact Donna at the OCSA office: 905-845-9152 or [email protected]

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