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Ontario c-stores are encouraged to 'Support Ontario Made'


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The Ontario Convenience Stores Association is teaming up with Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters to 'Support Ontario Made'.

The multi-pronged celebration of Ontario Manufacturing brings together consumers, retailers and manufacturers. The initiative is designed to increase sales of Ontario-made goods by helping consumers make informed decisions about the products they purchase, as well as helping retailers to make informed decisions about the items they stock. Manufacturers and supplierscan register and promote their products through the website.

According to the group, "polling suggests that nearly 75% of Ontarians are looking to buy locally manufactured goods over imported ones. That may not always be possible, but where it is possible, we need to provide consumers with that information."

"OCSA is fully committed to supporting Ontario-made products, we are Ontario retailers so we have a vital role to play," says OCSA CEO Dave Bryans, who suggests retailers set up special displays or sections in their store to support Ontario made.

He is encouraging convenience retailers and manufacturers large and small to find out how their companies can play a role in the initiative.

In a letter to members, OCSA encourages organizations to "to explore how your company and brands can be recognized in the retail channel. You also have the rights to use the logos on your Ontario made products and we will encourage the c-store operators to support Ontario made during these unknown times."

It's worth noting that Ontario-made products span independent companies like Horse & Buggy Brands to multinationals, such as Frito-Lay. The idea - backed by the provincial governement - is to support companies that create jobs for 750,000 workers and add value to communities across the province.

Ontario retailers, including convenience stores, are being asked to:

  • Use the logo in store, on websites, and through other promotional materials on goods that have been qualified as Ontario Made.

  • Where possible create in-store set-aside areas for Ontario Made goods.

  • Use the Support Ontario Made website to identify local manufacturers of Ontario Made goods and sell those products.

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