OPW Retail Fueling introduces Pre-Plumbed DSE Dispenser Sump

Made for fuel-site operators looking to reduce installation variability and reduce installation costs.
OPW DSE Dispenser Sump

OPW Retail Fueling, a provider of fluid-handling solutions, announced the availability Pre-Plumbed DSE Dispenser Sump.

“While utilizing the built-in quality of the DSE Dispenser Sump, this pre-plumbed version is a model that has been designed for use by fuel-site operators who wish to save time, reduce installation variability and reduce installation costs,” says Ed Kammerer, director of marketing and global product strategy for OPW Retail Fueling. “Outfitted with factory-assembled and tested components, the Pre-Plumbed DSE builds on the standard-setting tradition of the OPW E-Series portfolio by offering superior design, materials and affordability.”

The Pre-Plumbed DSE sump comes with pre-installed stabilizer bars; flex connectors or NPT rigid-riser pipe nipples with pre-installed tees and elbows; and FlexWorks secondary test kits and test jumpers for testing the interstitial space in double-wall pipe couplings (DPC). These pre-plumbed sumps can be ordered and configured for a specific site or piping layout, while one part number makes it easy to order with less loose parts to keep track of on a job site.

“The new Pre-Plumbed DSE sumps are basically our legendary Loop System, which is the most specified piping system in the petroleum industry, without the ‘Loop,’” adds Kammerer. “These sumps are perfect for marketers who want the advantages of the OPW Loop System, but find themselves in jurisdictions that still recommend slope in product-piping installations.” 

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