Parkland hits new heights in low carbon fuel production


Company sees 140% increase in co-processing over 2019

Calgary-based Parkland Corporation, an independent supplier and marketer of fuel and petroleum products and a leading convenience store operator,has reported it has set a new record in low carbon fuel production at its Burnaby, B.C. refinery. Last year, the facility co-processed approximately 44 million litres of Canadian-sourced canola and tallow bio-feedstocks. Parkland aims to increase this to up to 100 million litres in 2021.

parkland-korgmeierOur refinery is focused on delivering the essential fuels our customers depend on, but with a lower carbon intensity,Ryan Krogmeier, SVP supply, trading, refining and health, safety and environment, said in a statement. This is a made in Canada success story. We continue to ramp-up our use of Canadian bio-feedstocks and scale our innovative co-processing capabilities. In addition to providing our British Columbia customers with low carbon gasoline, diesel and jet fuel, we are growing a competitive advantage that will win new business and drive organic growth.

The Burnaby refinery was Canada’s first facility to use existing infrastructure and equipment to co-process bio-feedstocks such as canola oil, and oil derived from animal fats (tallow) alongside crude oil to produce low carbon fuels. The resulting co-processed low carbon fuels have less than one-eighth of the carbon intensity of conventional fuels.

Parkland states that it is committed to a lower carbon future.“We co-processed approximately 44 million litres of Canadian-sourced canola and tallow bio-feedstocks in 2020, marking an almost 140% increase from 2019.

“In 2021, we aim to co-process up to 100 million litres of bio-feedstocks and offer our customers a variety of low carbon fuels, including an up to 15 percent renewable content diesel,” said Krogmeier, noting that the annual environmental benefit of producing low carbon fuels in 2021 is expected to be the equivalent of taking over 80,000 passenger vehicles off the road.

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