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Paytronix and Flybuy partner to deliver frictionless location-based loyalty and pickup solution

Plan is to give convenience stores the location information they need to improve the order, delivery, and pickup experience.
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Flybuy, a location technology platform by Radius Networks, is launching an integrated, combined offering with digital guest experience platform Paytronix Systems, Inc.

The combined offering is to provide restaurants and convenience stores with an end-to-end off-premises ordering, location-based pickup, loyalty, and engagement solution. 

Fully integrated with the Paytronix Mobile App, Flybuy Pickup is to provide c-stores with a seamless off-premise ordering and location-based pickup experience.

For instance, c-store staff will be informed of the exact ETA, along with the location and arrival of both customers and delivery drivers. This allows staff to prioritize, prepare, and handoff orders immediately upon arrival across all pickup channels, whether it be in-store, curbside, drive-thru, or at the pump.

The goal is to reduce customer wait times, food/beverage waste, and increase staff efficiencies, repeat visits, and revenue.

With Paytronix, brands can deploy either a white-label app or build a custom one. Both enable guests to order, make payments, and access the brand loyalty program via a personal one-to-one experience that meets customers where they live – on their smartphone.

Available for iOS and Android phones, Paytronix mobile apps empower c-stores to take control of their customer data and deliver true 1:1 marketing with targeted offers and incentives (push, pull, SMS, geofenced) to specific customers.

In addition to Flybuy Pickup, Paytronix is enabling Flybuy Notify, a location-based customer engagement solution, to help boost loyalty engagement and customer behaviour en-route, inside, and around the store. In a release, the company said brands that leverage Flybuy Notify have seen a lift in promotional item sales over 30% on average.

The Paytronix and Flybuy integrated, combined offering is particularly timely for convenience stores that are in the process of a digital transformation, as it is designed to allow convenience stores to drive more off-premise sales, create a seamless pickup experience, and drive loyalty engagement across all service channels.

“Flybuy is proud to partner with Paytronix to provide a frictionless location-based customer and delivery driver pickup solution to our shared restaurant and convenience store brands for in-store, curbside, drive-thru, or even pickup at the pump,” says chief strategy officer at Flybuy, Dan Estrada.

“Paytronix focuses entirely on improving guest engagement, and Flybuy’s technology fits directly into that mission,” said Paytronix vice-president partnerships Dan Murphy. “By working with our mobile app, brands can now have it all and create an integrated and smooth ordering and pickup experience. This means making guests happier and keeping them loyal for the long-term.”

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