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Petro-Canada introduces IOS app


Petro Canada has updated its mobile app to now include users of IOS, the operating system for Apple devices.

Released April 8th, Petro Canada version 3.2.1 allows iPhone owners to use the app to start their fuelling session, pay with Apple Pay (or another credit card), save up to five credit cards in their digital wallet and email their receipts.

Use is easy. Customers pull up to dispensers, activate the app on their mobile device and select the pump number and indicate the amount of fuel to be pumped. Outside the vehicle, customers select the type of fuel needed, place the nozzle in the tank and wait for the fill to complete. The app makes payment and sends a receipt.

Car wash customers can purchase a wash card to add to the app's digital wallet. 

The Petro Canada app is available on Google Play, as well as Apple’s App Store. Features include automatic sign-in, balances available in the digital wallet, points collection and redemption, car wash activation, and a station location finder.

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