PowerTap partners with Capstone Green Energy    

Kelly Gray
Editor, Octane
3d illustration of Hydrogen H2 molecule model - clean energy concept
3d illustration of Hydrogen H2 molecule model (Shutterstock)

PowerTap Hydrogen Capital Corp has announced that it has signed a strategic manufacturing and licensing agreement with Capstone Green Energy for the prototype manufacturing of PowerTap's proprietary 3rd generation hydrogen production and dispensing station (the "PowerTap Unit"). Each PowerTap Unit is modular in design and utilizes PowerTap's proprietary technology to produce and dispense blue hydrogen onsite.

PowerTap is focused on meeting the large deficiency in hydrogen infrastructure via its unique PowerTap 3 on-site hydrogen production and fuelling system. PowerTap’s patented solution includes a compact SMR (Steam Methane Reforming) technology to create on-site hydrogen production versus traditional offsite production methods. As a result of the new strategic agreement, Capstone Green Energy will manufacture the small footprint product for PowerTap for use in fuelling stations and as part of Capstone’s distributed energy low emission microgrid solutions.

The PowerTap 3rd generation station turns natural gas, including renewable natural gas, into on-site hydrogen and intends to leverage an innovative carbon capture system.

“Since acquiring the PowerTap hydrogen fuelling brand and technology intellectual property portfolio, PowerTap has significantly enhanced the acquired technology to be more efficient, cost-effective and streamlined and is pleased to be launching the PowerTap 3rd Generation hydrogen fuelling system,” says PowerTap senior advisor David Bray. “In January 2021, we partnered with the Andretti Group given their vast west coast network and dedication to excellent on-site operations. This partnership will allow PowerTap to work hand-in-hand with Andretti Group at the site level to drive an exciting customer experience with Hydrogen fuelling. I am pleased to announce that we entered into a strategic licensing and manufacturing agreement with Capstone Green Energy to enhance our product development efforts and manufacture our commercial hydrogen production and fuelling products. We selected Capstone Green Energy as they have the proven product development, certification and manufacturing expertise to assist PowerTap in meeting our strategic hydrogen vision.”

The Capstone Green Energy products can be located adjacent to a hydrogen generation source, such as PowerTap’s innovative offering, reducing the efficiency losses and costs that come with converting and transporting hydrogen. Combined with proposed hydrogen production and efficiency investment tax credits, the Capstone on-site solution becomes a low-cost, quick-to-market, best-value option enabling customers to greatly reduce or even eliminate their carbon emissions.

“Today, hydrogen is believed by many to be the holy grail of carbon-free baseload power and distributed generation. As we improve our ability to produce hydrogen economically on site, hydrogen-fuelled CHP and microgrids have the ability to revolutionize the energy industry," concludes Capstone Green Energy chief revenue officer, Jim Crouse.

PowerTap Hydrogen Capital Corp., through its wholly-owned subsidiary, PowerTap Hydrogen Fueling Corp., is focused on installing hydrogen production and dispensing fuelling infrastructure in North America. PowerTap’s patented solution has been developed over 20 years. PowerTap is now commercializing its third-generation blue hydrogen product that will focus on the refuelling needs of the automotive and long-haul trucking markets that lack hydrogen fuelling infrastructure.

Capstone Green Energy is a leading provider of customized microgrid solutions and on-site energy technology systems focused on helping customers around the globe meet their environmental, energy savings, and resiliency goals.

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