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Proposed grocery 'Code of Conduct' needs a wider, more inclusive, scope

Just recently Sobeys Canada and FHCP (Food, Health & Consumer Products of Canada ) developed and proposed an industry Code of Conduct for the Canadian grocery supply chain in this country. We have to be careful of one company or group developing specific concepts for the entire supply network without reaching out to more stakeholders asking for their input. 

Our industry would like to thank the leadership from both Sobeys and FCPC for the proposed 'Code of Conduct' to correct the many issues the entire retail industry (food and convenience) has faced through the years.
There is a growing imbalance of retail purchasing power that at times has left independent operators with little recognition for their efforts, while carrying the costs of our daily business.
With that in mind, this code needs to include the entire convenience store industry in Canada to ensure national chains and national distributors adhere to fair and similar business practices for all.
Regional chains and thousands of independent family-run stores, as well as our independent distributors, must be included to ensure the shift in costs are not downloaded on the hard working family businesses.
The Ontario Convenience Stores Association will be encouraging governments to work on a broader program supporting all manufacturers, as we look at having the same transparent opportunities in a  business model that protects the consumers in every market no matter the size of the company or organization. We believe all levels of retail should be consulted and work together on a framework.
The OCSA for over 36 years has represented the economic interests of more than 8,500 convenience stores and the entire supply flow to stores: It is imperative that our industry be part of the discussions around arbitrary fees, cost increases imposed, promotions and secret deals that potentially damage the long-term viability of the entire small business model.


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