Sales of sweet flavoured vaping products banned in New Brunswick

New rules kick in September 1, following unanimous support in the legislature.
vaping ice cream cone, signifying flavours

In a move designed to curb youth vaping, the government of New Brunswick is officially banning the sale of sweet flavoured vaping products as of September 1. 

Retailers will only be allowed to sell tobacco-flavoured vaping products. Bubble gum, chocolate, cotton candy or mango, are off the table, the government said in a news release Monday, citing a Health Canada survey in which youth said flavour and smell were their main reasons for trying vaping products.

"Vaping has been marketed to adults as a safer alternative to cigarettes," the news release says. "However, most flavoured products still contain nicotine. Some of these products have nicotine levels equal to or higher than the amount found in cigarettes."

Bill 17, the opposition bill that would ban flavoured vape liquids, was introduced last fall and received unanimous support after a debate in May. It's unusual for an opposition bill to garner such widespread support, however the parties united in an effort to curb youth vaping. 

"We need to give our teens the best possible start in life," New Brunswick Health Minister Dorothy Shephard said a release."We need to create an environment where kids are not constantly being exposed to vaping. And we need to support those young people who are already struggling with addiction by providing the resources they need to quit."

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