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Saskatchewan's new vaping rules kick in September 1

Regulations includes a 20% tax and vendors are required to apply for a VPT vendors licence.
New rules sign indicating new vaping tax Saskatchewan

The sales tax charged on all vapour liquids, products, and devices in Saskatchewan will rise to 20% as part of a new regulations coming into play September 1. 

The new 20% Vapour Products Tax (VPT) replaces the current PST of 6%.

The move is part efforts announced in May as part of the Government of Saskatchewan budget

Regulations also include an amendment made to the Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Act that was put into effect February 2020. The amendment restricts the sale of flavoured vapour products, which the exception of mint and menthol flavours, to adult-only vape shops and limit marketing and availability to youth effective on September 1, 2021. 

The province's Ministry of Finance has said it hopes to discourage non-smokers from using vapour products

Brian Miller, manager of public relations with the Ministry of Finance, told Canadian Press the intent of the tax is to also limit the number of non-smokers that choose to use vapour products.

"The purpose of the tax, the VPT, is aimed at preventing youth and non-smokers from getting vapour products and encouraging current smokers to move to slightly less harmful alternatives.''

When announcing the new measures, Miller explained that the Ministry of Finance acknowledges that vapour products are used by those trying to quit smoking cigarettes: "It has a general overall goal of recognizing that with vapour products, it would be a good thing to discourage youth and non-smokers from using those products. But there is a recognition that vaping might be slightly less harmful than tobacco. We do acknowledge that vapour products are bought by some to be a smoking cessation method by some and that most people view them as slightly less harmful than traditional tobacco.''

Other jurisdictions that have a 20% tax on vapour products in Canada include British Columbia, Alberta, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

With the increase in taxes the Government of Saskatchewan is anticipating making more than triple what was made with the PST. Vapour product vendors were required to apply for a VPT vendors licence that will require them to report and submit VPT collected starting September 1.

If you haven't already, click here to apply for the VPT vendors licence


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