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Shine Auto Wash gives away 54,000 washes in one month!

To promote their new location, Shine Auto Wash in Burnaby, BC decided to get generous. Find out what they did to draw customers in.


Shine Auto Wash is a state-of-the-art car wash in Vancouver, BC, known for high traffic and a beautiful facility.

A second location just opened in Burnaby, BC and the owners decided to draw customers in with a promotion they couldn't ignore.

For the entire month of November, the Burnaby site offered free car washes to customers. In just 30 days, Shine Auto Wash gave away almost 54,000 car washes!

Click here to learn more about Shine Auto Wash, and stay tuned for a feature article on the new Shine Auto Wash location in Burnaby in the January issue of OCTANE.

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