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Shoppers enticed by illuminated signs: Study

Signage from NeonPlus

A survey by NeonPlus found that 64% of customers are more attracted to stores that have eye-catching illuminated digital signage.

The UK-based company surveyed 1,000 people by showing them a  selection of store signage and asking which was more appealing and best grabbed their attention, according to a press release.

Cutting through the clutter competing for consumers' attention isn't easy. The company behind the survey maintains that illuminated signs provide a neon look, which can help attract additional customers.

"Neon signs have become a huge trend in retail settings and are commonly used to exude fun and give a store a modern yet retro feel," Graeme Hoole, head of product development, NeonPlus, said in the release. "Neon is often associated with parties, which can make shoppers feel happy, excited and encourage them to buy something spontaneously."

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