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Soapy Brushy Puts the Polish on Car Wash Profits


Hamilton, December 1, 2020: New independent creative consultancy agency Soapy Brushy is bringing more than 80 years of combined experience to the car wash industry.

Car wash operators are committed to making their customers’ vehicles sparkle – and Soapy Brushy is all about making the operators’ profits shine brighter than ever before.

Based in Hamilton, Ontario, Soapy Brushy’s team boasts more than eight decades of combined car wash, marketing and brand strategy experience. And the agency is using a customer-focused approach to help car washes hit new heights in terms of profit, reputation, and repeat business.

“By providing an excellent range of services and being totally customer-focused in their approach, car washes can tap into customer loyalty and secure ongoing repeat business,” said Ryan McIntyre, Soapy Brushy’s Head of Customer Strategy. “At Soapy Brushy, we have all the tools that car wash operators need to get their business to a place where they can really clean up. We want to build on the word of mouth that car washes rely on, and put the sparkle on their profits.”

Car owners are very particular about their vehicles, and they want to know that their pride and joy is being properly taken care of. That means car wash businesses have to come up with innovative ways to stand out. Soapy Brushy is primed to help make sure they do exactly that.

As well as complete marketing services, Soapy Brushy also offers real estate and market viability services, brand development, site planning and construction services, wash and site systems advice , and HR and admin services. Full details can be found online at

ABOUT SOAPY BRUSHY: Soapy Brushy is an independent creative car wash consultancy based in Hamilton, Ontario, and with offices in Chicago, Illinois and Montreal, Quebec. The firm offers a full range of marketing and brand strategy services for new and existing car wash businesses. Find out more at


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