Tesco cuts overnight roles; 1,600 jobs at risk

Decision impacts grocery and gas stations.
Tesco gas station

British supermarket chain Tesco warned Tuesday that more than 1,600 workers are at risk of losing their jobs because of changes to its stores and gas stations.

The retail giant said many of the jobs are at risk after it removes overnight shelf-stacking roles at many shops. Three dozen gas stations also will be converted to pay-at-pump only during overnight hours, Tesco said.

The company said it was aiming to reassign all affected staff.

Tesco said Monday it was planning to close its discount supermarket arm, Jack's, with seven stores shutting for good and the remaining six becoming Tesco shops. It also announced it was closing meat, fish and deli counters in over 300 stores.

Customers' shopping habits have changed since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Tesco UK and Republic of Ireland chief executive Jason Tarry said.

The retailer told shareholders last month it expected to post record profits of more than 2.6 billion pounds (C$4.5 billion) for the current financial year.

Tesco is among British grocery retailers that posted big gains during the pandemic as customers spent more time at home.

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