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Tim Hortons unveils Baileys flavoured non-alcoholic menu items

Select beverages and baked goods coming to Tim Hortons locations starting November 13 for a limited time.
Tim Hortons and Baileys Flavoured drinks and donuts
CNW Group/Tim Hortons

Starting November 13th, Tim Hortons guests across Canada will be able to enjoy the non-alcoholic flavour of Baileys in select beverages and baked goods at their local Tims.

The non-alcoholic Baileys flavoured menu combines the flavours of Tim Hortons classics with the taste of Baileys and includes:

  • Baileys Cream Coffee – The classic taste of a Tims Original Blend coffee infused with the flavour of Baileys and cream.
  • Baileys Latte – A Tim Hortons espresso mixed with the flavour of Baileys, a choice of dairy or a dairy alternative, a layer of whipped topping and a dusting of cocoa powder.
  • Baileys Cold Brew with Baileys Flavoured Infused Foam – A Cold Brew infused with the flavour of Baileys, cream and a layer of Baileys flavoured foam.
  • Baileys Iced Capp – The Tim Hortons Iced Capp paired with the taste of Baileys and whipped topping.
  • Baileys Boston Cream Dream Donut –Tim Hortons’ most popular donut gets a special twist with a non-alcoholic Baileys-flavoured cream filling and a sprinkling of chocolate curls. The Baileys Boston Cream Dream Donut will be available on November 20th in participating restaurants across Canada.

The menu items will also be available for mobile order on the Tim Hortons app and for delivery.

“So many of our guests already love the pairing of Tim Hortons coffee and Baileys which was why we were so excited to develop a unique lineup of non-alcoholic menu items that combine our iconic flavours in new and delicious ways that can be enjoyed any time,” says Hope Bagozzi, chief marketing officer for Tim Hortons. “From putting a Baileys spin on one of our most popular donuts to crafting a diverse lineup of non-alcoholic Baileys-flavoured beverage experiences, we can't wait to serve Canadians the unmistakable flavour of Baileys in Tim Hortons classics that they already know and love.”

“Baileys' collaboration with Tim Hortons is an exciting, Canada exclusive celebration of two iconic brands coming together to treat Canadians to new flavour experiences for a limited time at Tim Hortons restaurants,” adds Nadia Niccoli, head of marketing for Diageo Canada. “This lineup of non-alcoholic beverages and treats perfectly combines Baileys with Tim Hortons iconic flavours together – we're thrilled to finally reveal these decadent creations that we know will add a dash of delight from coast to coast to coast.”

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