Vehicle hygiene and machine learning will drive car wash and detailing industry

New technologies will drive automated quality control, predictive maintenance of equipment and personalized customer recommendations.
car wash neon signs’s newest report looking at the global car wash and detailing industry finds the market is expected to generate US$54.98 billion by the end of 2029, up from US$36.96 billion in 2022.

A key driver for this growth is the rising demand for professional cleaning and maintenance, followed by technological advancements.

According to the reports, the pandemic heightened awareness around health and safety measures and led to a shift in consumer behaviour and preferences. People are becoming more conscious of cleanliness and hygiene, placing greater importance on vehicle sanitization and interior cleaning.

With this focus on automotive hygiene there was found to be an increased demand for professional detailing services that can disinfect and sanitize vehicles. Car detailing services often include thorough cleaning of ventilation systems, air ducts, and carpets, removing dust, pollutants, and odours that can affect the air quality inside the vehicle.

AI and machine learning technologies are being integrated into various aspects of car washing and detailing. These technologies enable automated quality control, predictive maintenance of equipment, personalized customer recommendations, and efficient resource allocation. AI-powered systems analyse data and patterns to optimize workflows, improve service quality and enhance customer satisfaction.

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