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Video: FormaShape canopy sets Village Variety apart

Watch the video and find out how FormaShape helped Village Variety stand out from the competition.
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When Trevor Lewis undertook a major renovation at his Village Variety & Gas Bar site in Shannonville, Ont., he didn’t hesitate to pull out all the stops, enlisting the help of BC-based FormaShape to develop a new and distinct look.

“I bought the business from the former owner and took over in 2011, at which time the infrastructure badly needed an upgrade,” explains Lewis. “I wanted to rebuild it and give it a good makeover, so that’s what I did. I undertook probably a year and a half of planning, drawing, pricing, and looking at everything I could to make sure I did it right.”

“I was going through a magazine, and I saw a FormaShape ad. So I just called Bren Steele and started talking with him, and he quickly gave me a rough estimate on what it would cost. For me, the value was clearly there; I want to be an independent brand with an image as good or better than the national brands I compete with. Then we got into creating concepts with his design team; we sent design ideas back and forth, and proceeded from there.”

Lewis continued to work with FormaShape to develop an original cladding design that would set his site apart. “Their designs are unique, and that’s what I was looking for. We probably have 14 or 15 gas stations in a small area, so I wanted to come up with something that was different from everybody else.”

“The renovation has changed the look of my site 100%, and the addition of the finalized cladding has put the finishing touch on it. This makes it look 100% more professional, and their different product helps us stand out.”

For more information about FormaShape, please contact Bren Steele at 250.766.6633 or visit

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