Washworld’s In-Bay Automatic vehicle wash system Razor®


Washworld’s In-Bay Automatic vehicle wash system Razor®  EDGE, ENHANCED DESIGN GLOBAL EXPERIENCE, is the perfect combination of speed and user experience in car wash technology. The Razor EDGE comes equipped with all of the reliable Razor® components and also includes an intense customer experience featuring HyperFlex™, LumenArch™ and SpectraRay™.

WWRazorEDGE Main Image

For more information on the Razor®  EDGE, ENHANCED DESIGN GLOBAL EXPERIENCE,
please contact Washworld here or view this video.


HyperFlex heightens the dynamic cleaning experience of Razor EDGE. HyperFlex consists of an overhead rain manifold and side mounted angled flood style pods that can be used in conjunction with Razor standard Flex Pass to simultaneously apply multiple products dramatically reducing wash time. Programming HyperFlex with SpectraRay creates a blanket of color for the ultimate experience!

Washworld HyperFlex


LumenArch includes over 300 dazzling blue LEDs that create an eye-catching glow of the spray arch. The LEDs illuminate the product being applied as well as the interior of the vehicle. While idle, the constant eye-catching glow fills the wash bay to attract customers.

Washworld LumenArch


A spectacular array of 4,528 LEDs fill the wash bay with SpectraRay! The red, magenta, blue and green LEDs are fully programmable to add splashes of various colors during any or all of the product applications to accentuate the entire wash process. The colors can sequence through flashing colors for an intense experience, switch to a steady color at any point to coincide with your wash package and even coordinate with your in-bay instruction sign. Even when idle, SpectraRay can sequence through color to draw attention to the wash bay with an eye-catching light show making it unique and memorable for perspective customers!

Washworld SpectraRay

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