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What does the nicotine cap on e-cigarettes mean for c-stores?

Retailers will have to pull products that exceed the limit after July 23.

As part of the federal government's latest vape-related regulations, the new nicotine cap kicks in for convenience store retailers on Friday July 23, 2021. 

Last month, the federal government finalized regulations that lower the maximum nicotine concentration for vaping products sold in Canada to 20 mg/ml from 66 mg/ml.

The nicotine cap took effect for e-cigarette manufacturers on July 8, and retailers will have to pull products that exceed the limit after July 23.

As part of a bid to reduce youth vaping, Health Canada also put forward at the time draft regulations that would restrict all e-cigarette flavours except tobacco, mint and menthol.

The department said in a news release that the proposed changes would make vaping less enticing to youth, while still providing options for smokers looking to switch to an alternative source of nicotine.

The proposed rules would also limit promotion to products with tobacco, mint or menthol flavours.

This would build on existing regulations that prohibit the promotion of dessert, cannabis, confectionery, energy drink and soft drink flavours. The new federal proposal would expand on this by curtailing the use of most flavouring ingredients, including all sugars and sweeteners, in vaping products.

It would also set standards that would limit the tastes and smells that vaping manufacturers can evoke.

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