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"This is a world changer!"

Customers can’t say enough good things about Easy Flow On Tap. Not only is it convenient and easy to use, but people love that it’s better for the environment.

“This is a world changer! Not only is this fill-up machine convenient while on the road travelling with my family, but to know I'm also helping the world evolve into a greener world by simple actions, like not purchasing more plastic, makes me happy and proud! Thank you for the fast convenience and healthier planet!”

Brittany W

"Convenient, efficient and reducing plastic waste? Yes please! As I was filling up on gas, I saw this really neat looking machine and had to explore. I quickly realized that it was a washer fluid pump! All this time I have been spilling all over my hood because I’d misplaced my funnel and was throwing away jug after jug: A complete inconvenience and seeing the empty washer fluid light always made my eyes roll. With this machine you swipe your card, fill up your fluid tank and away you go! I truly believe this should be mandatory for all gas stations so we can all do our part eliminating plastic and bettering the world for our children and theirs! It all starts somewhere. Everybody needs to check these out. 

Chantel W

Proudly Canadian in design and development, Easy Flow On Tap revolutionizes the way your customers purchase, store and fill their windshield washer fluid. See below for more information on the next generation of unattended kiosks.

[email protected] | easyflowontap.com

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