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Is your softener sending money down the drain? Canature WaterGroup can help


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Traditionally, the money your water softener saves you has been based largely on reducing your chemical and detergent costs. While those savings are still significant, Canature WaterGroup’s new commercial softening technology also offers significant water and salt savings. Canature WaterGroup has improved the efficiency of commercial softeners by re-thinking both the design and programming. Instead of large, single tank or dual-alternating tank systems, a series of smaller tanks (called Multi-Tank Systems) is used to respond to the real-time water flow of the building. This new technology is called Responsive Flow Technology.

MTS systems with Responsive Flow Technology use 50% less salt and 38% less regeneration water compared to conventional softening systems. You’ll also have consistent soft water: no hard water slippage or channeling.

Learn more about how our MTS softeners can improve the quality of your water and save you money every year. 


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