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2023 Future Leaders in Convenience: MELANIE MAINVILLE and KARL PAYEUR

Dépanneur Voisin | Sobeys: Co-owners/operators
FLICC Melanie and Karl

Two years ago, Karl Payeur and Mélanie Mainville decided to purchase four c-stores from their previous boss and lead 50 employees towards the future. Leveraging Payeur’s skills working with vendors— he started working for Voisin as a cashier in his teens—and Mainville’s talents running HR and business development, the duo is forging a path to success.

“Our previous boss saw our potential and I’m proud of that,” says Mainville. “Working for myself gives me a huge advantage to plan my retirement, and being able to improve my employees’ wellbeing and professional development is very gratifying.”

Payeur values employee retention and fosters diversity and inclusion within the team.

“Everyone is important to the company, regardless of their job title, and we value every employee’s wellbeing above all,” he says. “I also love my customers and each day I meet new people who inspire me to keep improving the business and diversify our product offerings.”

The business partners have overcome big challenges together. Two weeks after buying the c-stores, Mainville learned she had cancer. In addition to managing the business, she also juggled doctors’ appointments.

“Without the help of Karl and our team, I wouldn’t have made it; everyone supported me, and I’ll never forget that,” she says.

Today, Mainville makes time for her clients and staff.

“I want them to feel comfortable and heard, and I do everything possible to provide a calm, supportive work environment,” she says. “One of my cherished values is to create a space where everyone can help each other and discuss anything without judgment.”

The co-owners proudly support their community, donating beverages to the Défi ski Nicoletti, which raised funds for local healthcare centres.


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