2023 Impact Awards winner: Petro-Canada: Ottawa

2023 Impact Awards Petro-Canada Ottawa Supporting Employees

“We have created a community atmosphere within the workplace that has enabled our team of 100 employees to express themselves in their work and group togetherness,” says Jason Carisse, area retail licensee. “We had many small groups of employees working at 13 separate locations that would perform their shift, but they never had a sense of belonging in a larger community.”

In response, the company-initiated, employee-led group activities that mattered to each individual. This has been successful in helping employees to be more involved in the workplace, and able to support their co-workers, including new employees and new arrivals to Canada.

Employees have learned to be more accepting to people, regardless of culture, race, language barrier and sexual identity. They have seen they often share very similar lives and learned to help each other at work and outside. It has helped create a second family for many employees.

The initiative has brought employees together to support meaningful causes, participating in more than 15 Ottawa community events, including Pride and Orange Shirt Day. “This has allowed employees to share who they are with each other and find support within the workplace,” says Carisse. “This has led to a more open and accepting work environment.”



Winners are also featured in the September/October 2023 issue of Convenience Store News Canada

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