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SQUAMISH, CANADA - MAY 12, 2007: 7-Eleven store and Esso gas station on Cleveland Avenue. 7-Eleven is largest operator and franchisor of convenience stores in the world with more than 50,000 outlets.

7-Eleven sustainability snapshot

7-Eleven released an ambitious four-pronged strategy to reduce its environmental footprint. How do they plan to do it?

7-Eleven has released a 2022 snapshot of its sustainability efforts, including the progress made toward parent company Seven & i Holdings Co. Ltd.’s Green Challenge 2050, a four-pronged strategy to reduce the environmental footprint of its entire store network and supply chain.

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ID: 1362169364  7-11 or seven eleven 24 hours convenience store franchise logo at front entrance,6 April 2019, Bangkok, Thailand.

On the way to meeting its 2050 ambitions, the strategy identifies goal posts for 2030. One goal post for 7-Eleven is for carbon dioxide emissions from stores to be reduced by 50% from 2013 levels. Last year, 7-Eleven got more than half way to hitting that 2030 target, reducing store-caused CO2 by 27%, according to the report.

7-Eleven locations, which number over 600 in Canada and 9,400 in the U.S., are getting upgraded with energy efficient equipment, like LED lighting and new HVAC and energy management systems. These systems help to manage and optimize energy efficiency and costs.

“The most valuable electron is the one you don’t use,” says Greg Steagall, senior manager, energy procurement and financial analytics at 7-Eleven, and a “Sustainability Ambassador,” in the report.

“For the remainder, we need to be strategic about making it affordable and green,” underscores Steagall, who leads a six-person team tasked with ensuring that stores across Canada and the U.S. feature the most affordable energy possible, and from as many renewable sources as possible.

Strategic investments have been made in alternative, renewable energy sources, like wind, hydro and solar.

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The report includes details of a 20-year clean energy commitment in Michigan formed in 2022 between 7-Eleven and Detroit-based DTE Energy’s MIGreenPower program. It generates renewable, clean energy through more than 50 wind and solar parks.

The retailer aims to purchase enough of this energy for all 160 of its locations in southeast Michigan, thereby avoiding more than 15,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

“That’s equivalent to removing 3,000 gas-powered cars from the road each year,” reads the report.

QUEZON CITY, PH - MAR. 30: 7 Eleven signage and facade on March 30, 2018 in Araneta, Quezon City, Philippines. 7 Eleven is an international chain of convenience store with 56,600 stores.

The “Creating a Sustainable Future Together” snapshot also provided an update on 7-Eleven’s sustainable sourcing improvements, both from vendor partners and through private label product innovation.

Its popular 7-Select Replenish energy drink brand, for instance – which, the report reveals, has grown to $30 million in annual sales since its 2019 launch– has been redesigned to be more efficiently packaged. Now 40 cases of the drink can be carried per pallet, up from 30, resulting in a 25% reduction in the number of trucks (or 755 fewer trucks) the company needs to be put on the road to keep the stores supplied.

“There also will be less plastic used in both bottle and wrap, projecting an annual waste reduction of 208 tonnes.”

Cage-free egg sourcing is another priority identified in the report.

“We’re committed to working with suppliers toward a goal of sourcing 100 percent cage-free eggs for all U.S. and Canada stores by 2025, based on available supply,” it reads.

More Canadian highlights

The snapshot also devotes a section to community programs, and highlights the stellar efforts in Canada.

This included the custom KYSA (Kamloops Youth Soccer Association) Slurpee® Cup and campaigns in support of United Way Calgary, YMCA Calgary, Calgary Food Bank, Alberta Cancer Foundation, the Canadian Red Cross, and the Boys and Girls Club of Peel.

Through these campaigns, 7-Eleven Canada raised more than $525,000 last year.

“As we continue our journey in being a good neighbour, we’re always finding ways to give a helping hand to the communities in which we operate,” said Marc Goodman, vice-president and general manager at 7-Eleven Canada. “Our customers wear their hearts on their sleeves and have been so supportive in our initiatives throughout the years.”

“We look forward to continuing the fight to beat hunger and doing our part to support our neighbors in need,” he added.

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