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New c-store and ice cream parlour opens at Ontario restaurant

The new c-store and ice cream parlour will serve c-store staples and Kawartha Dairy ice cream to Tudor and Cashel Township locals.
Rustic Roadside Restaurant sign

The Rustic Roadside Restaurant in Tudor and Cashel Township, Ont., has a new convenience store and ice cream parlour for seasonal and permanent residents alike to enjoy now and in the years ahead.
Rustic Roadside Restaurant owner Maggie Thrasher comments on these new additions to their business.

In a Facebook posting on April 12, the Rustic Roadside Restaurant let the community know that they now had a new c-store at their premises.

Thrasher, who owns the restaurant with her husband Terry Salisbury, says that it has all the essentials that residents and tourists might require.

"It's cute, it's quaint, but it has everything you'd need like bread, milk, eggs, cream, condiments, paper towels, and more. If you get to the cottage and you don't have mustard, who wants to drive a long way to get it? Our regulars even said that's what you should do, and the people have been coming,'' she says.

The Rustic Roadside Restaurant also has another new addition; an ice cream parlour, that officially opened on April 19, which offers many different flavours of ice cream from Kawartha Dairy.

"We'll be doing banana splits, homemade milkshakes, fresh lemonade, slushies, and takeaway hotdogs. In addition to the ice cream parlour and c-store, things are good. The bakery's great and the restaurant is booming,'' she says.

Thrasher tells a funny story about a little boy that came into the restaurant recently named Bentley.

"He's just a little ham, and I said okay, when he gets his first ice cream he gets it at the Rustic  Roadside Restaurant. And he did and I don't know what to tell you, I had so much fun with him last
night as he had his first ice cream. His little feet just curled, it was classic. My heart just warmed,'' she says.

Thrasher says that the convenience store and ice cream parlour have been going well and that everyone's been really receptive and grateful that they're there. She also lauds the great community in
Tudor and Cashel Township and that she and Terry feel loved by everyone there.

"I love this community. There are lots of great people here. This community is really supportive,'' she says. "We're looking forward to a great summer and we're thankful for all the friendships.''

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