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Arctic Blue and P.D. McLaren partner on sustainable development

Partnership will deliver windshield washer fluid refill system to more Canadian forecourts.
Easy Flow on tap

Arctic Blue and P.D. McLaren Ltd. have announced a new partnership to develop Easy Flow on Tap systems. Under the new partnership, the two teams will be working together to further develop and distribute ArcticBlue’s proprietary windshield washer fluid and tire inflator system – Easy Flow on Tap. 

Installed in forecourts, the Easy Flow on Tap system provides customers with windshield washer fluid refills without the bottle. The 1,500-litre system (416 jugs) is installed at forecourts and also includes a tire inflator system and integrated point-of-sale system from Nayax

“This seems like the next step (in the system's growth),” says Tom White, president of Arctic Blue and creator of Easy Flow, “P.D. McLaren has offices in B.C., Alberta, Montreal, so naturally this system will grow out of Ontario, just through its presence in other provinces. P.D. is also playing a major role in the research and development of the system and tweaking it for our customers.”

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Easyflow sketch
White's original Easy Flow on Tap drawing, which he says was sketched at his kitchen table in 2019.
Easyflow sketch
White's original Easy Flow on Tap drawing, which he says was sketched at his kitchen table in 2019.

White began developing his design for the Easy Flow system in 2019, to meet a need he saw in the market. After moving back to Ontario from Antigua and re-experiencing Ontario’s cold winters, White thought there should be a better way to refill your windshield washer fluid without having to purchase jugs that were bad for the environment and took up space. His first customers were a handful of forecourts in Bowmanville, Ont., which White says he monitors to this day to see how his system fares in the real world. 

As part of his growth initiative, White met with P.D. McLaren, a national liquid handling solutions provider, to discuss further advancements and strategies. Both teams have been working together on further design and assembly improvements over the past weeks. P.D. McLaren has partnered with Arctic Blue to manufacture, distribute and support the Easy Flow on Tap dispensers.

“It seems like a logical fit for our current product lines,” says Jason Quin, operations manager, Eastern Canada for P.D. McLaren, “The simple design and execution of dispensing washer fluid was well planned, Tom has put a robust product together that is easy to use and better for the environment.”

Today, the Easy Flow on Tap can fill about 416 vehicles with windshield washer fluid, has an integrated tire inflation system and features solar-panels that power the system along with its flashy blue lights, which add aesthetic and curb appeal at night.

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