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C-stores rank highly in Leger’s WOW Canadian retail experience survey

7-Eleven, Circle K, Hasty Market and Rabba make the list for best in-Store and digital customer experience in Canada.
Leger WOW Winner Logo 2024
Photo: Leger Marketing Inc.

Leger, the Canadian-owned market research and analytics company, has just released its WOW 2024 study that looked at Canada’s retail industry and then ranked the retailers offering the best customer experience.

This study evaluates various performance indicators specific to 350 Canadian retail businesses and ranks them on their in-store customer experience – evaluating strengths and weaknesses – and identifying consumer in-store irritants. The study also looked at the online customer experience, from online shopping to delivery, on over 272 company websites and mobile apps.

When it came to the province of Ontario, where more than 12,000 Ontarians 15 years of age or over, participated in this study, 7-Eleven, Circle K and Hasty Market ranked highly for in-store customer experience. Grocers such as Rabba Fine Foods, Metro and Whole Foods Market also ranked highly.

In Western Canada, where some 6,000 participants between15 years and over took part in the study, grocery retailers Choices Market, Fresh St. Market, Whole Foods Market, CO-OP Food and Nesters Market ranked highly for in-store customer experience, as well as Wine and Beyond, Everything Wine and SaskLiquor.

In Quebec, where 14,000 Quebecers between 5 years and older, the c-stores Proxi/Proxi Extra, Sprint, IGA Express/Mini, Couche-Tard, Dépanneur 7 jours, Dépanneur Voisin, Beau-soir, Marché Express, Dépanneur du Coin and Boni-Soir ranked highly for in-store customer satisfaction.

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