Canopy Growth introduces new products for the new year

New offerings being added to company's adult use and medical cannabis portfolio.
Canopy Growth Corporation Logo

Canopy Growth announced the introduction of new product offerings across the company's adult use and medical cannabis portfolio, including new Tweed softgels and oils featuring minor cannabinoids, a large format flower offering from Tweed, as well as new medical exclusive pre-roll products from 7Acres and Spectrum Therapeutics.

"In addition to launching new flower products, we're making it easier to access CBD and minor cannabinoids in convenient oil and softgel formats to support wellness-minded consumers looking to start the year feeling their best," says Dave Paterson, president, Canada, Canopy Growth. "For our medical cannabis consumers, we're proud to continue delivering the variety and convenience that the Spectrum Therapeutics store is synonymous for thanks to new pre-rolls from 7Acres and the Spectrum Reserve."

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