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Four Edmonton c-stores charged with selling illegal tobacco

Edmonton Police Service and Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis began investigations early in the new year.
Tom Venetis head shot

For Edmonton-based c-stores have been charged by the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) and Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC) with selling illegal tobacco.

According to, the EPS seized some $24,000 contraband tobacco, including almost 400 cartons of cigarettes, over 100 individual packs of cigarettes, 120 cigars, and seven boxes of loose tobacco from the four stores under investigation.

The stores are: 7 Days Convenience, Classic Corner, Sihem Market, and Classic Mini Mart.

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The EPS defines an illegal tobacco product as any tobacco product that does not comply with federal and provincial laws related to importation, marking, manufacturing, stamping and payment of duties and taxes; or comes from illegal manufacturers, counterfeits, tax-exempt diversions and resale of stolen legal tobacco.

It is possible to identify an illegal tobacco product by the fact that it will lack the needed stamp on the package stating: “DUTY PAID CANADA DROIT ACQUITTÉ”. 

"In addition to the public health and safety risks due to the lack of regulatory controls and inspections oversight, contraband tobacco also negatively impacts the dollars that go towards everyday projects and services Albertans rely on," said Gary Peck of AGLC vice-president of regulatory services to CTV News Edmonton upon the announcement of the seizure of the illegal products. 

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