Health Canada finds Canadians are using legal sources for cannabis purchases

This growth is up significantly since cannabis was legalized in 2019.
Cannabis Bag

An annual survey from Health Canada shows 73% of respondents are buying their cannabis from legal sources.

That number compares with 37% in 2019, the year after Canada first legalized cannabis. Almost 70% were using legal sources in 2022. In addition to more Canadians buying cannabis from a legal source, the survey also found the most purchased kinds of pot were dried flower or leaves, edible cannabis and vape pens or cartridges. People who used cannabis in the 12 months leading up to the survey said they typically spend close to $63 on cannabis each month, a drop from $73 in 2018.

This year's survey questioned 11,690 Canadians between May and July.

Industry experts have long warned data collected by government agencies on cannabis may be impacted by pot users who are still unlikely to report pot use or purchases from illicit sources to officials because of the stigma around the substance.

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